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This site is link free - You can use one of these banners and link to http://www.heavyarmourstudio.com.
このサイトは ??クフ?ーです − バナーのひとつを使い ??クできます


English Site


Albert is a member of my message board. He is a great modeler who build anime, fantasy and historical figures. Expect a lot of updates on his website in the near future.

Tree Style

Another modeler from Toronto. A great mecha model builder!

Anime Figure Kit

A web site that offers a model construction and painting services at very reasonable prices.

Kisekae World

The premier support and distribution site for Kisekae UltraKiss, a full featured KiSS software development system for Japanese paper dolls and anime characters. Also a figure model site.

Dreamland's Kit

Annie is from Switzerland who build a lot of nice anime figures. She also does commission work for others.

Soukai Sakura

Ami Choui was born in Japan, and living in USA now. She is Asuka fan (EVA) and has painted a lot of Asuka, sailormoon, and other anime figures^_^.

Child of Mecha

A great gundam modeling website where you can find a lot of modeling technique.


A Gundam model website. Also feature some other anime mecha models


A Gundam model website that has tutorials on Gundam modeling.


Modeling site from a board member here. Expect more great figures from him in the near future!


Frank is a very talented modeler. Probabily the best modeler that I ever know of. He is the grand master of military miniatures. More anime figures and mecha kits will come in the near future!

Cody's Coop

Cody builds very nice kits, with a fairly large collection of anime kits, real life kits and mecha kits.

Celso Tomimatsu

A model sculptor and builder.

Faces of Anime

Many nice and cute anime resin figures.

Japanese Site

For Japanimation Garage Kit Lovers

A great Japanese website (no English) that has links to many other Japanese model builder websites! There are also many garage kit convention photos as well.

3D Silence

Althrough there is no English contain, but the webmaster, Mr. batman, can read/write English. Many great figures, gundam and FSS kit display there. Go check it out^_^

Chami's WebSite

Mainly gundam and FSS kit relative.

Replicant official website

The website of the popular figure magazine - Replicant.


Nice figure works and mecha. I liked the Comic's Pary figure that he painted^_^ The webmaster Mr. M-T tarosuke also read/write English.

Plastic Style

Sion is a modeler. He has many FSS and gundam collection. Althrough his site does not have much English (makes hard for people who don't know Japanese to navigate around the site), you can communicate with him in English. His recent FSS work, Yen Xing and Auge are all very impressive.

Chinese Site

Cs' Works

3 Taiwanese modelers (coyote, cobra, chris) group together to start this web site. Mainly mecha models here. English is ok here.

Dali's modeling base

Mainly military (air craft, tanks...) relative. A good places to do chating in Chinese^_^

Model Village

A HK website. Mainly gunpla relative.



Open by a board member here in HK. Mainly sell original kits (especially rare kits^_^). Plastic kits, GK, action figures, toys, model magazines, paint supplies. And yes, this site sell Mr. Color paint^^


HK base recast shop. Large selection of resin kit and great pricing. They sell accessories and original kits as well. People there are very friendly and helpful. Great shipping charge for international order too. For non US people, they are definily the best place to shop for recast kit.

Hobby Link Japan

Japan base online shop. Sells all kinds of modeling thing. Other than it's slow ordering process, it's a great place to shop for original kit. The price are great as well, if you order more things at once, or else the shipping fee will dry you crazy...


US base recast shop. Large selection of resin kits. Good choice for shipping recast kit if you are in US.

Mecha Dream

Own by one of the board member here. Mainly carry G-System product like large scale GK gundam and FSS kits

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